Everything you need for your skiing adventure in the beautiful Seefeld in Tirol

Our SKISET Seefeld ski depot:

In addition to the rental of the perfect winter sports equipment we also provide our customers with a free ski depot so that they do not have to take their equipment back to the hotel. Qur ski depots are available in different sizes and have enough space for all your equipment. A boot drier is included in the price because only dry ski boots guarantee that nothing stands in the way of your skiing fun on the next day

Aditionally, we would like to invite you to a glass of schnapps (called „Schnapserl“ in Austria) and also offer your kids a „goody“ so that you can recharge your batteries after skiing.

SKISET Seefeld – the ski-service that we are proud

In order to start your skiing adventure optimally and safely we highly recommend our ski service:

  • base and edge grinding
  • base repair
  • waxing
  • ski binding adjustment

Why it is important to adjust the ski binding correctly? Ski bindings, which are not properly adjusted, can open while skiing and accidents can happen. To avoid this, your binding will be adjusted to your size, weight and actual ability of skiing. A Ski Point ski Service is worthwhile because we optimise the handling and the carving properties of your skis.

Quick, easy and without long waiting times

The duration of our service depends on your needs. We are technically well-equipped and offer: pre-grinding, base repairing, diamond grinding with structuring, edge grinding, side edge grinding and waxing.

For your ultimate skiing adventure in the magical winter sports paradise in Seefeld in Tirol – your SKISET Seefeld ski depot and ski service!